New Texas Lifeline Plans Now Come With Data!

Starting today, TruConnect’s Free Texas Lifeline Plan now includes 500MB of Data

New customers that sign up and are approved for Texas Lifeline can get 500MB of data every month for email, web browsing, music streaming, and social media. In addition to this, new Texas Lifeline customers get 100 Units of Talk and Unlimited Texting!

Texas Lifeline PLUS

For even more data and minutes, Texas Lifeline customers have the opportunity to upgrade their existing plans so that they can enjoy more of what they love. TruConnect’s new Texas Lifeline PLUS plans are as follows:

Unlimited Talk & Text and 100MB of Data (plus a bonus 400MB) for $15/month
Unlimited Talk & Text and 1.5GB of Data for $25/month
Unlimited Talk & Text and 3GB of Data for $35/month

Also, all Texas Lifeline PLUS plans come with a $2 Int’l Calling Credit.

Texas Lifeline PLUS

Those who do not qualify for Texas Lifeline can still get the benefits of TruConnect at an affordable price. New customers have the following options for TruConnect’s plans:

100 Units of Talk, Unlimited Texting, and 500MB of Data for $10/month
Unlimited Talk & Text and 500MB of Data for $25/month
Unlimited Talk & Text and 1.5GB of Data for $35/month
Unlimited Talk & Text and 3GB of Data for $45/month

What is Lifeline?

Lifeline is a government program that subsidizes discounted phone service for low-income consumers, ensuring everyone can stay in touch. TruConnect is currently designated to provide free Lifeline-supported phone service in numerous states across the U.S., with more coming soon. The Lifeline program is only available to eligible consumers who can provide documentation for eligibility. Only one Lifeline service is allowed per household regardless of a type of phone. To be qualified for Lifeline, you must be currently enrolled in a qualified public assistance program (i.e. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as Food Stamps, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA), Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit, etc.) or you can be qualified if your total annual household income is less than the qualified income guidelines.

Mobile Broadband

TruConnect is a mobile broadband company and a cheap wireless internet provider that offers wireless internet services and mobile WiFi hotspots through the Internet on the Go. TruConnect provides an underserved market with prepaid and wireless internet services such as Lifeline (ETC), Wireless Prepaid, and Mobile broadband solutions such as mobile WiFi hotspots. We have a variety of mobile broadband devices ranging from cell phones and 4G smartphones to mobile WiFi hotspot devices and tablets. Our coverage includes a 4G network for nationwide wireless internet.

Why TruConnect?

We are a group of wireless industry veterans who have spent many years bringing new mobile products and services to consumers in the U.S. We understand your frustration with expensive monthly data plans, so we came up with an easy, honest, and convenient way to stay connected to the world with TruConnect Pay As You Go and Lifeline plans, and with our affordable Internet on the Go mobile broadband plans and hotspots. Individual usage varies from month to month, so we designed our flexible plans to fit your everyday needs. To learn more about Internet on the Go, please visit

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