Yay Free Wireless Data!

We all know that wireless service costs money, so the answer is simple, let’s give our customers what they want: even MORE DATA!

The holiday season is here once again! The cold weather, egg nog, holiday cheer and last but not least, holiday shopping. During the holiday season the little kiosks at the mall, filled parking structures, and crowded shopping centers can be overwhelming. We cringe every time there is a long checkout line or the gift we’ve had our eye on is sold out. That’s why we’ve geared our wireless internet offerings to be a one-stop-shop. We sell easy to use and affordable mobile hotspots (and wireless plans!), for the perfect gift to give the techie in your life.

We are ready to go with a range of cell phones fully stocked, competitive deals, and our customer service team there to help. Then we realized something: there were about five other cell phone stores in the neighborhood and all of them are similar.

So, what makes us different compared to other wireless service providers? There is wireless store after wireless store, afterall, with the same “special” deals, right next to each other.

And we are among the wireless service providers who have set-up our own shop alongside the others.

wireless storewireless storewireless storewireless storewireless store

So we came up with a plan

Internet on the Go now offers mobile data plans with 1GB2GB, & 5GB of data, all more affordable than ever at $15$20, & $40 each month!

1 GB of data allows consumers to send up to 20,000 emails, view up to 5,000 web pages, post 10,000 social media updates, or listen to over 30 hours of music.

That's not all! A BRAND NEW D-Link mobile hotspot (now available for just $34 with the purchase of any data plan) and monthly data plan is the perfect match for those who need internet services on the go, want to use the latest mobiles apps, or are even planning a vacation! We created this deal to give our customers access to wifi connections anywhere they are, and to help provide this wireless service at an affordable price. We hope our new plans and affordable hotspots help with using resources such as online banking, shopping online, or even searching for free movies online! A mobile hotspot device is perfect for people who are always on the go, especially the ones who are driving a food truck, and constantly traveling from place to place. ;)

Connectivity is key” said by Nathan Johnson, Chairman of TruConnect.

wireless connectivity

This deal is one of the many upcoming promotions we have planned. The idea is for our customers to get a taste of how our Internet on the Go service works without locking themselves into a long-term plan” said Matthew Johnson, Co-CEO of Internet on the Go & TruConnect. “We’re going to deliver more deals and plans for accessible Wi-Fi that will best suit our customers’ usage needs,” Johnson adds.

If you’re trying to understand our approach to affordable wireless internet, you need to know a little more about our company history. First, there are some things people assume about TruConnect that are simply not true. For one, we are not a startup. We have the benefit of many years, making – and learning from our mistakes. Some people think we’re a startup because they didn’t know us until late 2014.

Now, they see our ads popping up everywhere (at least in the city of Los Angeles), and they think we’re a startup. Nope, we’ve been around since the late 90’s, but originally were called Telscape. We’re just a small but growing, unique company that supplies affordable Pay As You Go wireless services along with cheap internet connections and portable wifi solutions.  

And we have big plans for the future.

With budget-conscious customers in mind, we brainstorm everyday to make our products and services even more reliable and cutting edge than ever before.