If you are a customer with TruConnect, then you already know that we give you the freedom to use your phone as you please (making phone calls, texting your friends and family, surfing the web, etc.) with easy, cheap, and flexible phone plans. If you’re not a customer, it may be time to reconsider. While the freedom TruConnect gives you is great, top analysts within our company have found that you can’t do anything with that freedom if your phone is out of battery! Here are a few quick tips and tricks to keep you and your battery up and running:



  1. Change Your Location Services – One of the biggest battery drainers of phones today is the location tracking services that many popular apps use. If you go into your settings and find the ‘Location Services’ section, you should be able to change those tracking services from ‘Always’ tracking you to only tracking you ‘While Using’ the app or to ‘never’ being able to track you, if that is what you please. We recommend keeping some of, if not all of, the applications set to ‘While Using’ because the user experience of certain apps can be heavily affected if location services are not on.




  1. Dim Your Brightness – The easiest way to save yourself some battery throughout the day is to turn down the brightness on your phone. Rarely do you need the brightness to be as high as it usually is and you will instantly see a big difference in your battery life if you make this tip a habit.



  1. Close Your Apps When You’re Done with Them – Your apps continue to run in the background even when you’ve exited out of them hours or even days ago. You need to manually quit the app yourself when you’ve finished using the app. On the iPhone you can do this by double-clicking the home button and swiping up on the apps you want to close.  The process happens to be very similar on Androids.



  1. Turn on Low Battery Mode – On the iPhone it is called ‘Low Battery Mode’ and on Androids it is called ‘Battery Saver’. This is an easy setting to turn on and it will automatically take several steps for you in order to save you battery. When this setting is on, things like background app refresh, automatic downloads, and certain visual effects are reduced or turned off until your phone is fully charged again. The user experience on your phone is largely unaffected with Low Battery Mode on, and the mode can extend your battery life substantially.

If you follow these tips and tricks, you will immediately see a dramatic increase in your battery life and get back to spending your time doing all the fun things on your phone that TruConnect has to offer.


For more information on TruConnect, visit www.truconnect.com or call 800.430.0443 to speak to a representative.

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Diego Baugh